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Gain a competitive advantage over your local and global competitors and earn income from an infinite shopper network

Attract new customers with the groundbreaking marketing platform that is setting a new standard for merchant support

Millions of new shoppers are looking for merchants just like you to purchase your valuable products and services

Attract new customers that may not even know you exist

Showcase your products and services in the Mobile Storefront for easy keyword searching, browsing and geographic mapping

Reach shoppers where they are — on their mobile phones — with SMS text promotions popping up on the cell phones of shoppers in your proximity

Show off the quality of your products and services with the power of customer feedback, reviews and recommendations

Keep loyal customers coming back time and time again

Shoppers return to collect and redeem their cashback rewards ...

Shoppers accumulate exclusive award points for special recognition ...

An Employee Benefit Program rewards your staff for promoting your business ...

Earn money on your customers after they leave the store

Earn cash on the purchases of any shopper you refer to Nexxus Rewards ...
regardless of the merchant where they make a purchase

You also earn on the referrals of your referrals for an unlimited number of levels! That's a virally infinite shopper network of potentially thousands or tens-of-thousands of referred shoppers!

This residual revenue stream could make a significant contribution to your marketing budget!

It's completely risk-free. You have nothing to lose!

No more "Pay and Pray" advertising

No signup fees ▪ No terminal fees ▪ No monthly fees ▪ No deposits ▪ No long-term contracts

You choose the price that you can afford for your new marketing system
and you only pay after you make the sale!

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