Nexxus Rewards is a cooperative, global cryptocurrency community where everyone benefits

A World of Rewards for Shoppers, Merchants and Communities




Nexxus Rewards is creating a better world by bringing the power of cryptocurrency to communities around the globe

Taking cryptocurrency from the virtual world to your hometown

Nexxus Rewards brings cryptocurrency to life in communities with
effortless charitable giving


No more candy bar and greeting card sales

Imagine a shopping trust fund that ensures your budgetary needs so your organization can do what it does best ... serve the members and beneficiaries of the organization

Nexxus provides a very unique opportunity for any charity or non-profit organization to create a lifetime funding source from shoppers that keep shopping month after month after month. They never stop and neither will the funding for your precious projects. Every visit to a restaurant, store, salon or dry cleaners could put more money in your coffers, helping ensure the financial stability necessary to provide  for those in need

And your member businesses and shoppers can benefit also

Nexxus Handup

Nexxus Rewards understands the power of
cryptocurrency to change the world and supports
its use for all people in all circumstances

Nexxus Rewards wants to help the under-privileged gain an advantage in the evolving financial world by offering full scholarships to Nexxus University for selected families in countries all around the globe. Nexxus Rewards works with local community leaders and news media to identify and qualify scholarship candidates

Join Nexxus Rewards and help bring the power of cryptocurrency to your local community, no matter where in the world you are!


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