Nexxus Rewards is a cooperative, global cryptocurrency community where everyone benefits

A World of Rewards for Shoppers, Merchants and Communities

Nexxus Rewards


A Win-Win-Win for
Shoppers, Merchants,
and CommunitIES

Nexxus Rewards is a new
shared shopping experience, unlike
any rewards program before

Nexxus Rewards redefines what a shopper rewards program should be

Nexxus Rewards is a cooperative global rewards community where everyone benefits!


For Merchants, Nexxus Rewards is a completely risk-free solution to get and keep new customers. There are no signup fees, no long-term contracts, no special software requirements and no special terminals to lease or purchase. Best of all, merchants pay nothing until after they make the sale



Nexxus Rewards benefits communities by fostering business for local merchants, supporting local charities with reward donations from an infinite network of referred shoppers and bringing vital knowledge and education to the community, delivered via Nexxus Crypto-Cafés



Shoppers register for Nexxus Rewards free of charge, collect free cash back reward points from purchases and referrals and redeem them at any Nexxus merchant. These dynamic cash back reward points  can increase in value as the usage of Nexxus Rewards grows worldwide


Nexxus Crypto-Cafés

Nexxus Crypto-Cafés are community centers for everything cryptocurrency:

  • a place for the public to learn about
    and use cryptocurrency
  • a place to exhange cryptocurrency
    and the local fiat currency
  • a headquarters for merchant support
  • a hub for community organizations
  • a support center for the independent
    Nexxus sales force

Nexxus ATM

Nexxus Automated Teller Machines (ATMs)  support the 2-way exchange of bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies to and from the local fiat currency and are equipped to support KYC and AML requirements

Nexxus ATMs will be located in every Nexxus Crypto-Café and will be available for licensing and placement in high traffic public locations

Nexxus Rewards also includes support services for its end-users to trade their unwanted or surplus products and services with each other in cash or cryptocurrency with Nexxus Barter — a free bartering service that supports cryptocurrency and provides a co-branded bartering service for local community affinity groups

Nexxus Barter

Nexxus Partners

Nexxus Partners provides the infrastructure for the global acceptance and proliferation of cryptocurrency


Nexxus University

Nexxus University is home to the world's first Certified Cryptocurrency Specialist (CCS) program



NexxusCoin is the internal token of the Nexxus ecosystem, empowering individuals and communities worldwide


About the Nexxus Ecosystem

The Nexxus Partners mission is to take cryptocurrency from the digital world to hometown communities all over the world and to promote its widespread adoption and use through Nexxus Crypto-Cafés, Nexxus Crypto-ATMs, an innovative shopper rewards program and cryptocurrency education and certification

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