Local Communities are the Heartbeat of the Nation

And They are in Great Need of Resuscitation

Local problems are best solved by local solutions. Local charities and non-profit organizations have always been best at solving local social challenges, whether it has been at the local soup kitchen to feed the homeless, the local shelter to protect battered women, or the local animal shelter for abandoned animals.
But these programs are too often severely underfunded and hindered by government bureaucracy, wasteful overhead expenses, and lack of timely donations.

Local small and medium size businesses provide the vast majority of jobs and they best understand the local needs of the community. A higher percentage of every dollar spent with a local business stays in the local community. But they struggle to compete with large corporate enterprises, big-box stores, and national chains.
20% of small businesses fail in their 1st year. 30% fail in year two, and 50% of small businesses fail after 5 years.


Community Cooperative Technology

Convergence of Financial & Social Responsibility

Charities get a leveraged perpetual fundraiser to indefinitely fund their important social causes from an endless network of referred shoppers who tell their friends, and who tell their friends, and... well you get the picture.

Merchants get and keep new customers with a completely risk-free and affordable marketing solution where they pay nothing until after the sale, and when they do pay, they name their own price.

Shoppers collect and redeem shared Nexxus Reward points like cash from all participating merchants. That's free shopping dollars just for shopping and sharing with their friends.

The Nexxus Rewards technology is already production-ready for revenue generation with product development and market testing completed.



Nexxus charities and non-profit organizations share in the gross revenues generated from their member’s shopping and their member’s referred friends and family to infinity on their entire shopper network of potentially tens of thousands of shoppers. They have nothing to sell or buy – they just support their local community.


Nexxus merchants pay nothing to get started and they can start acquiring new customers with a free text messaging (SMS) mobile marketing system to broadcast daily promotions. Shoppers keep coming back again and again to collect and redeem their cash back reward points. Merchants can create an additional revenue stream from their referred customer’s other purchases. Merchants will also have unlimited access to a cryptocurrency payment-processing gateway that allows them to eventually accept bitcoin and any other supported top cryptocurrencies.


Nexxus Shoppers can easily register for free to start collecting and redeeming free shared reward points, spendable like cash at any merchant. Nexxus Reward points can increase in value as usage of Nexxus Rewards grows worldwide. And shoppers can earn additional free shopping reward points for every transaction done by any shopper they personally refer.


Nexxus Rewards started in Plano, Texas, USA in January 2016 with initial private capital of $700,000 to complete the product development and the market testing for a unique and innovative community cooperative solution to help local merchants get and keep new customers through shopper acquisition partnerships with local charities.

All Nexxus Rewards systems are production ready for revenue generation. Nexxus Rewards is currently a series A company seeking $2M - $10M for product rollout geographically with concentrated critical mass for optimal success.


Nexxus Rewards has a 3-fold social mission to fund important local social causes, save local hometown small businesses, and empower people to take back control of their money and their financial system.


The Nexxus Rewards experienced executive team will execute the business plan to build a multi-billion-dollar enterprise of local shopper networks worldwide with a critical mass of merchants and shoppers acquired with a professional direct sales force.

A proven and profitable Nexxus Rewards will become an ideal acquisition target by large successful online brands like Google or Amazon that desire to expand their brands offline in tens or hundreds of thousands of local merchants worldwide.


Real Utility Buyer Demand

The Internal Currency of Nexxus Rewards

The Nexxus Token has built-in buyer demand as the internal currency of Nexxus Rewards. Every purchase in any currency drives buyer demand and the value of the Nexxus token. Regardless of the currency used for the purchase, the cashback reward percentage offered by the merchant is automatically purchased from the market in Nexxus tokens.

For example, if a merchant offers a 10% cash-back reward and the shopper spends $100, Nexxus Rewards takes $10 from the merchant and buys $10 worth of Nexxus tokens from the public exchange. Potentially tens to hundreds of millions of dollars rewarded daily in Nexxus Reward points creates tremendous utility buyer demand.

Similar to the Ether coin used by Ethereum, the Nexxus token has utility as the internal currency of Nexxus Rewards and can increase in value as usage of the Nexxus Rewards solution grows worldwide. Ethereum provides computing services for a market of programmers, while Nexxus provides marketing services for a much larger market of merchants and shoppers.

Many traditional loyalty programs are available today without blockchain technology. The Nexxus Rewards blockchain solution has a distinct advantage over traditional exclusive static loyalty points with SHARED and DYNAMIC Reward Points backed-by Nexxus Tokens from the public market for international expansion capitalization.


2009 Founded in Chicago

2011 Initial Public Offering

2012 $17B Market Capitalization

2019 $2B Market Capitalization

Groupon merchants are asked to provide a 50% discount to Groupon shoppers, and then they must share the discounted 50% revenue with Groupon 50/50. Merchants usually lose money at 25% of their normal revenue. Merchants desperately hope for Groupon shoppers to return for future profits that usually never happens.


Nexxus provides a more competitive risk-free solution that is affordable for all merchants that pay nothing until after the sale, and when they do pay, they name their own price. Nexxus also helps local charities with perpetual fundraising as its major strategy for shopper acquisition. And Nexxus shoppers can collect and redeem shared Nexxus Reward points like cash from all participating merchants worldwide.


Affordable Marketing Solution
Every business names their own price.

Community Cooperative Program
Funding important local social causes.

Shared Rewards Program
Shoppers collect and redeem rewards from all merchants.

Viral Referral Marketing
Rewards shoppers for referring their friends & family

Leveraged Perpetual Fundraiser
Pays charities from an entire shopper referral network


The Nexxus executive management team has a unique combination of many fields of expertise aiding in the successful design, development and implementation of Nexxus Rewards.






Marketing Director


VP Business Development


Technology Director


Financial Controller


Localization Director

The technology team of Nexxus has over 60 years of disciplined corporate experience in all aspects of information technology. Nexxus technologists have been intimately involved in the development of several cryptocurrencies and have been immersed in the cryptocurrency movement at a technical and business level for many years.

Several Nexxus executives founded and worked closely with, a $200M e-commerce platform for small businesses to sell their products and services on the Internet at the dawn of e-commerce. They also have decades of experience in the direct sales industry providing technology and business consulting services for over 30 sales organizations. They have several years of experience in the loyalty marketing space for multiple clients and provided consulting services for an international German-based loyalty company with over 100,000 sales agents.

Nexxus Rewards has a strong technology background and has developed all its technology internally over many years. All technology, including the Nexxus Global Rewards system and its related Direct Sales Management system are all developed, owned and controlled by Nexxus with no third-party dependencies for critical functionality. This enables Nexxus to move quickly with enhancements and refinements to meet the changing needs of the business environment.


1/2016 – 1/2018

Product Development

1/2018 – 6/2019

Market Testing

6/2019 – 12/2019


9/2019 – 12/2019

Sales Team Acquisition & Training

1/2020 – 6/2020

Plano Merchant & Charity Acquisition

6/2020 – 12/2020

North Dallas Expansion

1/2021 – 12/2021

Dallas Area Expansion

1/2022 – 12/2022

Ft. Worth Area Expansion


Token Distribution

TOTAL SUPPLY: 375,000,000

ANGEL: 98,000,000 - 26%
Nexxus Tokens distributed to initial investors for seed capital.

RESEARCH: 56,000,000 - 15%
Nexxus Tokens distributed to participants of the technology and business research phase and the conceptual design phase prior to the technology platform development.

EVANGELIST: 69,000,000 - 18%
Nexxus Tokens distributed to contributing product evangelists during the development and testing phase and the marketing development of the initial educational products.

DISTRIBUTED: 243,000,000 - 65%
Nexxus tokens have already been distributed for the design, development, testing and refinement of the Nexxus ecosystem of cryptocurrency services.

TOKEN SALE: 50,000,000 - 13%

RESERVE: 82,000,000 - 22%
Nexxus tokens are outstanding and reserved for promoting this digital token sale and for the business development of the Nexxus merchant network.

Use Of Funds

TOTAL FUNDS: $10,000,000

SALES STAFF: 50.0% - $5,000,000

ADMIN STAFF: 15.0% - $1,500,000

ADVERTISING: 12.5% - $1,250,000

MARKETING: 5.0% - $500,000

PUBLIC RELATIONS: 5.0% - $500,000


CAPITAL FEES: 5.0% - $500,000

OFFICE & OVERHEAD: 2.5% - $250,000


Nexxus Token will soon be starting the public sale.
50M Nexxus tokens are being offered at a price of $0.20 each with a
GUARANTEED BUY-BACK of $1.00 from merchant shopping transactions.


NXR - Nexxus Token


ERC20 Utility Token


1 USD = 5 NXR






$2M - $10M USD

Nexxus Rewards will purchase the tokens back from the token purchasers at a minimum price of $1.00 from merchant funds collected for cash-back reward points given to shoppers on every shopping transaction. Buy-back priority will be based on a first-in / first-out basis. The first token purchasers will have the first option to sell their purchased tokens to Nexxus Rewards for a minimum of $1.00.